Bluedevils News · Season B Sports now approved to begin practice January 18th.

Bluedevil Community,

This is great news from CDPHE and CHSAA. There will also be additional changes to the number of total games and matches that will give our athletes more opportunities this season and should also help our Season C and D seasons as well. Scheduling and more detailed information is expected by January 4th and all updates will be posted here as soon as possible. Basketball has expanded to 14 game’s, and wrestling is now allowing 20 dual matches which is double what was being offered in the initial plans.

Please get registered now for FamilyID so that you have all your students paperwork completed so your athlete can start on that first day of practice.

Also voluntary workouts/conditioning opportunities are continuing now over the holiday break. Contact your specific coach for more details.

Let’s remember to continue to do our part, physical distance, wear our masks and begin to get our body and mind ready for competition in the New Year.

Let’s Go Bluedevils! #BLUEDEVILWAY

CHSAA secures variances from CDPHE and state officials for Season B