Bluedevils News · Fort Lupton High School Sports Update for Season B

Dear Bluedevil Community,

Season B sports which consist of Boys and Girls Basketball, and Boys and Girls Wrestling has officially been delayed by the COVID response team and the Governor’s office. The new proposal that will still require final approval from the COVID response team in January, would be for a start date of February 1st, with practices to begin on January 25th.

Here is the link to the CHSAA statement for more details.

CHSAA wants to ensure that a season occurs and will be working with schools and Athletic Directors to establish the total number of games and matches that will be allowed for the upcoming season, over the coming weeks.

With this recent announcement and that the CDPHE dial remains in the RED, ALL off season, and pre conditioning workouts have officially been placed on hold for at least another 2 weeks. During this time coaches can meet with their athletes virtually, and further communication will follow. For specific sports training individually please contact each coach directly.

Boys Wrestling – Tom Galicia ( 720 839 7301

Girls Wrestling – Chris Tijerina ( 720 380 7876

Boys Basketball – Jim Roedel ( 303 898 9464

Girls Basketball – Ken Shew ( 720 951 7526


We appreciate your support as we continue to seek and find ways to keep our student-athletes engaged and involved in high school athletics. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Jim Roedel

Athletic Director Fort Lupton High School

Phone: 303 857 7100