Bluedevils News · Fort Lupton vs Brush Football Ticketing Process and Game Day Procedures

Bluedevil Community,

Friday Night Lights is officially back for our Fort Lupton Bluedevils. Our first home game is Friday October 16, 2020  vs Brush.

With the new COVID guidelines and rules we will only be allowed 130 home fans, 100 visitor fans, 70 students and our Band and Spirit members. Below is a copy of the facility layout for all 2020 Home Football games for reference.

All tickets will need to be purchased in advance and online. Here is the ticketing process, procedures and timing.

Online Ticketing Timing 

  • Community Tickets will go on sale on Monday of game week starting at Noon and will close once sold out or Thursday at 7:00 PM. Limited to 40 tickets, only allowed to purchase 2 tickets per email address. No passcode required.
  • Player Tickets will go on sale on Monday of game week starting at Noon, and will require a passcode to purchase their 2 tickets. Passcodes will be distributed at practice.
  • FLHS Student section tickets will go on sale on Monday of game week starting at Noon, and will be at NO COST but you must still follow the process below to receive your digital ticket, you are only able to purchase a ticket for yourself. Passcode is FLHS2020.

Online Ticketing Process

  1. You will visit the Fort Lupton Athletics website Main Page and click the Tickets section on the top right corner. 

2. You will then click the button labeled “Buy Tickets”

3. You will need to create a VNN account.  You will use this account for all future ticketing needs.  Please remember your login information.  After your account has been created, you will choose the event you are needing tickets for by clicking the “buy tickets” button.  Once you enter the event page, you will be able to see the seating map for the venue.  You will need to click, “have a passcode” near the bottom of the page.

4. Coaches or athletic director will give you the passcode for your event (for players only). Enter the passcode you have been given for the event.  Select the section, both visiting and home players are limited to only purchasing 2 tickets per athlete.

5. Your tickets will be emailed to you.  You can use your phone or print the ticket, which has a unique QR code.  Bring this with you, and you will scan the ticket in at the gate. 

6. There will be no charge for FLHS students, but you will still need to request tickets online as we are limited in the number of tickets for our students. 

Masks are required to enter the facility and must be worn throughout the event per CHSAA and State Guidelines.

Both the home and visitor stands are limited to maintain social distancing, so we are asking that if you’d like to bring your chairs or stand in the areas to the sides of the visitor and home sides we encourage you to do this.

For student section their will not be any bleachers, you are required to bring your own chair or sit on the grass area, with a blanket.

*If you have any questions, contact your head coach, or reach out to or 

Lets Go Bluedevils!