Bluedevils News · Fort Lupton High School Sports Placed on Hold


Dear Bluedevil Sports Community and Family,

With the recent announcement of our High School having two positive tests of COVID 19, we have moved all of our students to remote online learning until Tuesday September 8th, to comply with the CDC and Weld County Health organization recommendations.
This effectively places our students, as well as our athletes into the quarantine process. Therefore all activities and athletics both in season and out of season have effectively been placed on hold until we meet the minimum requirements of 14 days in quarantine.
At this time we are looking to reschedule the games with all of our opponents to ensure that our sports teams can play as much of a full season as possible. So there will be no in person practices or afterschool activities during this time, remote meetings with players and coaches can occur.
In season sports Softball and Cross Country may resume practice on Thursday September 3rd and our first contest will not be until Tuesday September 8th with our Away game against Englewood at 4:00 PM.
All off season programs will be able to resume workouts starting on Tuesday September 8th, more details will follow in the coming weeks on the individual sport schedules and plans.
Again I appreciate your support during this unique time and look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming games.
Please visit for updated schedules.