Bluedevils News · Summer Activities Update and Information week of June 29 – July 3rd


Dear Bluedevil Parents and Athletes,

Last week we were approved to increase our workout groups from a ratio of 1 coach per 5 athletes, to 1 coach per 10 athletes, including our weight room and we also moved our basketball and wrestling workouts indoors to our gyms. Our coaches and athletes have been doing a great job following all of the CDC, NFHS, Weld County Health and State guidelines.

Below is a reminder on the guidelines and expectations for our parents and athletes:

  • Student and parent still need to consent to allowing student-athlete to participate in workouts, by signing of a waiver that your athlete understands the potential risks of exposure to COVID -19 and are willing to allow your student to participate knowingly of these risks. It will also state clearly that your athlete’s participation is 100% voluntary and is not required, which is the same for any summer activity in the past related to high school sports. Summer_ReturntoPlay_Waiver-FLHS  – This waiver must be signed and no student will be allowed to participate until doing so.
  • STUDENTS and COACHES are being asked to wear a mask for all check ins, and for all activities indoors we are asking for student athletes and coaches to wear masks when feasible when not conditioning or demonstrating drills. Masks will be optional outside as long as social distancing is in place, BUT are still required for check in.
  • Hydration stations will NOT be available at the facility; nor should they be used, so all athletes will be required to bring their own water bottle.
  • Student will be required to allow coach to take and log temperature at the start of each session, and must complete a 4 question survey every day before the workout. If your athlete has been sick or had a fever DON’T send them to a workout, PLEASE keep them home. If an athlete shows up and has a fever they will be sent home. Student temp cannot exceed 100.2.
  • We will social distance drills and workouts. Maintaining 6 feet.
  • Student will be required to follow all instructions from the coach regarding hygiene, washing hands, sanitizing hands, cleaning of equipment, and respect of personal space, etc. Any student that does not follow these instructions may be sent home immediately from a workout.
  • We will allow multiple groups/pods to meet at the same time as long as each group is separated by no less than 25 yards (for example Weight Room and Field, Batting cage and Field)
  • No Locker Room Access will be allowed, students need to arrive dressed and ready in workout clothes. They also should not arrive earlier than 15 minutes of their assigned workout time and sessions will be limited to 90 minutes or less.
  • Only one restroom will be available for students to access, area will be disinfected after end of every day.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided at workout locations.
  • Weight room equipment will be used by individual students and wiped down after every use when transitioning to new student. Weight room will also be wiped down and sprayed between groups. Students may not use spotters during Phase #1.
  • Students are encouraged to shower every day after workout and wash their workout clothes after every use.
  • Absolutely NO shared sports equipment during Phase 1 athletes may bring their own ball, bat, batting helmets, gloves, etc. for workouts.

Here is the following schedule for the week of June 29 – July 3

Monday – Thursday Weight Room, Football Field and Baseball OutField
10 Spots at 6:20 AM, 7:00 AM and 7:40 AM – Contact Coach Dustin Duff to book your spot each day.  or 720 233 1329
Limited individual workouts that are scheduled with Coach Miller directly students interested should contact coach Miller directly at 720 217 9278
Monday – Friday Softball Field Only Various times starting at 4 PM athletes should contact Albert Vasquez for schedule and times at 303 590 8924.
Boys Soccer 
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week at Soccer Practice field check in times will be at 6:45 PM at entrance to field and workouts begin at 7:00 PM. For more details contact Kyle Reddy at 720 878 6764
Boys and Girls Basketball 
Monday’s from 7:30 AM until 8:45 AM (Check-in at the entrance to Floyd Acre at 7:15 AM)
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6 PM until 7:30 PM (Check-in at the entrance to Floyd Acre at 5:45 PM)
Spots are still limited so you must sign up by Sunday night before 7 PM, by texting coach Roedel at 303 898 9464
Must bring and wear a mask for check-in.

Boys Wrestling
Tuesday and Thursday at the High School Weight Room and Upstairs gym, drill work only non contact practices. Students should arrive around 3:45 PM for check in, and MUST wear a mask for check in.

Athletes looking to attend need to contact Coach Galicia the day before as space is limited at 720 839 7301

Girls Wrestling
Workouts are Monday – Thursday from 10 AM – 11:30 AM, and check in begins at 9:45 AM at the weight room. Masks are required for check in and while indoors not working out.

Girls Volleyball
Will be starting the week of July 6th indoors at Floyd Acre Gym. Please contact coach Cindy for details 303 587 4973, masks will be required for check in and while indoors not working out.

Bluedevils I am so proud of the participation and willingness to adapt to the new guidelines, please keep up the great work and follow your coaches instructions and all posted information.

Go Bluedevils! #BLUEDEVILWAY